Dr Eva Aymami Rene

I am a scholar, dancer, and choreographer. A Senior Lecturer of Dance at Anglia Ruskin University, my research focuses on performances of political identities. I am collaborating with the FAUST SHOP team and my colleague Kirk Woolford at ARU on the creation of embodied digital characters and moving energies.

Dr Annja Neumann

I am the Isaac Newton Research Fellow in German Studies and Digital Humanities at Cambridge Digital Humanities, an interdisciplinary research centre at the University of Cambridge. The FAUST SHOP project is part of my performance-based research project 'Actors on a new stage'. It asks questions about agency and how we co-create public spaces in a digitalised world.

Roxanne Kindersley

I work at The Cardozo Kindersley Workshop in Cambridge. This involves letter cutting, graphic design and carving. I designed and curated the visual language for the FAUST SHOP.

Alex Mentzel

I am an MPhil candidate at the University of Cambridge studying Comparative Literature & Culture with a focus on Digital Humanities. My professional background is in the arts and in technology. I am really looking forward to exploring questions of physical embodiment in virtual space and in collaborating with Dr. Annja Neumann on the performance-text and staging of the Faust-Shop.

Beatrice Murch

I am collaborating with this project by bringing the ideas online and to life - a digital doula if you will. I am a woman, myself, mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, immigrant, activist, website builder, photographer, geek, observer, & participant she/her/hers

Rebekah King

I am a PhD Student at the University of Cambridge in the Faculty of English studying the influence of magical myths about King Solomon on the depiction of magicians in early modern theatre. I am also an award-winning playwright and am the Artistic Producer and Research Assistant for The Faust Shop.