Technology offers us the world – but what does it take away? What is the bargain here? The Faust Shop, an augmented theatrical experience embedded in an everyday street, asks these and related questions. Stepping into this pop-up shop you’ll be offered an experience of magical space that moves you: the only question is, where to? How does digital space influence us? Should you accept this offer? We take such decisions in our everyday engagements with technology: we routinely click, accept, and agree. The Faust Shop creates a theatrical experience of sensuous delight that suggests that you might just want to think again.

New Lands
6 October 2021

This panel discussion on sacred spaces and the digital asks questions about how we co-create public spaces in a digitalized world and how they control us. Panelists include spiritual leader Rowan Williams and spatial practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, including architecture, data science, philosophy, and medicine.

The Faust Shop
June 2022

An immersive theatrical experience in an augmented pop-up shop in Cambridge that explores Faustian pacts in our everyday engagements with technology. What are you prepared to pay for your digital soul?

Actors on a New Stage
June 2022

An augmented reality exhibition exploring how our sense of the physical and digital is changing. Set up in a digitally adaptive gallery Actors on a new stage presents Faustian pacts, digital humans and new lands as we are moving into hybrid space.

Call for Contributions

Participate in the Faust Shop as an actor, creator, or collaborator.